Group Walks


  • treat anyone?
    Treat anyone?
Please note we currently do not have any spaces on our group walks.

As a Bristol dog walker Elaine provides 1hr group walks for clients living in BS4 and BS14, postcodes. A Free consultation will be given which will involve going for a walk with your dog, yourself and my dog so we can all get to know each other. If everyone is happy paperwork will then need to be gone through. Please allow up to 2hrs for this meeting.

For your dog to join us on our hour long group walks they must be able to be walked off lead. This is because we feel that a dog on the lead surrounded by off lead dogs will spend all his time wanting to be off lead playing with the others and therefore constantly pulling on the lead and getting tangled up with the other dogs, resulting in an unhappy dog, and unhappy walker!

Your dog will be out with us longer than an hour as travelling time does not cut into walking time. We set off to collect dogs at 11:00 and arrive at our walk location between 11:30-12:00. Depending on where you live and therefore our pick up and drop off order, and depending on where we walk your dog could be out with us for 1.5-2hrs.

As a Bristol dog walker we try and walk at a different location each day of the week at various locations in South Bristol. (although not guaranteed,) So depending on who we have to pick up and where we are walking will determine when exactly your dog is picked up and therefore how long they are out with us for.

We have a fully equipped van with 2 large cages and 4 smaller cages. We also have the front of the back of the van open with no cages for dogs who do not like them and these dogs are harnessed and then attached to the main frame of the van. As a Professional Bristol dog walker, safety whilst travelling is of utmost importance to us and also part of the highway code that a dog must be secured and not distract the driver! We only have a half bulkhead between the van cabin and back purposely to allow light through and so we can observe the dogs if needed but also so in hot weather the air-con reaches to the dogs right at the back and this works very well with dogs not panting when we open the van doors to take them back home.

Our most common group walks are at Stockwood open space, Eastwood farm (Beeses), The Malago, Hengrove park and Nature reserve, and walking along the river Avon starting at Keynsham, The Old Lock and Weir Pup car park or Crewshole Road Car park. We also normally get to Ashton court or Leigh Woods once a week.

We are considerate of other Bristol Dog Walker so Local parks like Hengrove and The Malago are only visited with a few dogs and when we visit the larger and quieter open spaces we still try to keep ourselves to ouselves.

  • 1hr Walks.
  • Off lead.
  • Travel time does not cut into walking time.
  • Walked at different locations throughout the week.
  • Water offered after walk.
  • Towel dried after muddy/wet walks and returned in a presentable condition (which may be still slightly muddy or damp)
  • Your dog will travel securely in our van either in a cage or a harness.
  • Fully insured.
  • Doggy diary to let you know what your dog has been up to.


Group walks cost £11 per dog.