Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Training classes are held at “The Park” Community centre in Knowle from 7:00pm on Monday evenings.

We then run either Beginners, Intermediate or Advance classes at 8pm.

Puppy training classes and older dog training classes are run by Clair Litster-Huckle and Elaine Webb in a friendly and relaxed environment, the course lasts for 6 weeks (one evening a week) with a maximum of 8 dogs in a class and cost £60 which also covers course book and certificate on completion of training.

We encourage families to attend so everyone is using the same techniques and commands. We especially welcome children who are old enough to help with training.

At Bristol Dog Services we only use positive training techniques with the aid of treats to encourage your dog to engage in the training. Your dog will never be forced to do anything it isn’t happy doing but praised when they do something correctly.

In our Puppy training classes your pup will be taught sit, down, stay, leave, recall, walking on the lead and how to encourage your dog to be happy whilst left alone. We will also be talking about worming and flea treatments,diet, neutering, general doggy manners around people and other dogs, dog law and responsible ownership.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome at our Puppy training classes and need to be under 5 months old at the start of the course. Your puppy will need to have had it’s 1st vaccination before attending the class but we also accept Nosodes and titre testing.

Beginners Class are for dogs of any age and involves distance commands such as “sit” without you standing right next to your dog and we ask your dog to stay in the sit or down position for a full minute. We cover leaving items whilst walking past them, build on recall and walking to heal. We also ask your dog to meet strangers nicely- no jumping and work on going through doors calmly.

Intermediate Classes builds on the basic commands such as “sit, down and stand” but asking your dog to do them with just your voice, just hand signals, from even further away and for longer. We practice walking to heal and recall through distractions and being calm in and around vehicles. We also work on a 2 minute stay in the sit or down position and continue to practise the leave command.

Advanced training asks for your dog to be able to “hold positions” for 5 minutes and recall from further away and with more distractions. We cover walking to heal without a lead, being able to “stop” your dog whilst walking/running and we address being happy whilst left alone. The leave command is now off lead and we also cover food manners and use the “send to bed” command. (not as a punishment)

We offer as much phone or email support as you need and we have the use of a large room and outdoor space. With two trainers and one assistant we are able to provide extra 1-1 guidance during class if needed.

Our primary focus during classes is training and whilst we allow dogs to interact before and during class whilst on the lead, we do not set aside “play time” during our sessions as we have so much to cover there is rarely time for this as well.

Start Dates for 2019

January 7th, February 18th, April 1st, June 3rd, July 15th, September 2nd, October 14th, November 25th

We are unable to predict when we will be running Beginner, Intermediate or Advance classes as these are run depending on the current class level but we will always be holding one of these classes at 8pm. Please Email us to see what level we will be running next.

Please Email us at bristoldogservicestraining@gmail.com for further information and to book a place.


The Park Centre, Daventry Road, Knowle, Bristol BS4 1DQ

During classes we don’t have the time to address “behaviour” problems and often a class isn’t the right environment to address specific behaviour problems you may be having at home.